Inflation Targets Your Toilet Paper Rolls as Less May Not Be More

As people scrambled to stockpile rolls of toilet paper when the pandemic first hit 2 years ago, many weren’t concerned with their ability to get their hands on it when they ultimately needed some – including yours truly.

Toilet paper has found its way back in the news, but this time around it’s because prices appear to be going up, while the amount of the product per roll is shrinking.

In a recent report from Consumer Watchdogs, the sizes of snacks and laundry detergent have shrunk as prices either remained or have increased slightly. Now, sadly, toilet paper has joined the ranks.

Procter & Gamble recently reduced the size of its “Mega” rolls from 264 sheets to 244 and its “Super Mega” from 396 sheets to 366, found The company said in an earnings call at the beginning of the year that they had planned to raise prices in February and again in April of this year.

“There is a cost element to innovation – adjusting the count per pack or the package size is one way of reinvesting in the innovation while maintaining a competitive price point,” Procter & Gamble told CNN Business regarding their price changes. Additionally, the company shared that they send various retailers an assortment of products, meaning some stores may have smaller toilet paper roll offerings than others.

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