Police Are Warning Drivers To Protect Against Gas Thefts As Prices Soar

As gas prices continue to rise, authorities are warning motorists to keep an eye on their vehicles... More specifically, on their vehicles' gas tanks.

Petroleum Gas station. Fuel pump colorful petrol pump filling nozzles.car at gas station being filled with fuel

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With the national average for a tank of gas nearing $5 -- but much higher in California -- thieves have taken to getting their fuel from other people's cars, police say.

What's more is they've replaced siphoning gas with an even faster, easier method, says one police chief in Washington state...

"We often discover these thefts later when the owner goes to the gas station to fill up and finds all the fuel dumping out under the vehicle from the cut filler line," Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers says.

Police departments all across the country are advising motorists to invest in locking gas caps and to leave their vehicles in garages or well-lit areas with the gas cap facing a main road.

Read more on the LA Times.

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