Energy Analyst: Recession Is Inevitable

Stephen Schork is the Cofounder and Principal of The Schork Report, a daily subscription newsletter on the energy cash and financial markets.

Stephen had a fascinating interview with John & Ken today about the global energy crisis and how bad this will get.

He wrote an article that appeared in the Daily Mail:

One of the reasons that American's find themselves at the mercy of the oil markets is that we are relying more and more on foreign producers.
War in Ukraine is now driving prices higher, as production is reduced and buyers avoid purchasing Russian products. Fears of a U.S./European boycott of Russian energy is another upward pressure on prices.
But there's nothing to be done about it in the short term.
In the 2020 presidential debate, Biden answered 'yes' to the question of whether he would close down the oil industry. The world is now reaping the consequences of his energy policy.

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