Black Forever 21 Employee Alleges Discrimination, Retaliation

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A Black Forever 21 employee is suing the fashion retailer, alleging she was unfairly denied promotions to manager because of her race, subjected to racially inappropriate comments by her boss and demoted and transferred to another store when she complained about her work conditions.  

Monica Fowler's Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit allegations are harassment, race discrimination, retaliation, failure to prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation as well as negligent hiring, supervision and retention. Fowler seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages in the suit brought Tuesday.  

A Forever 21 representative could not be immediately reached.  

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Fowler, who is still employed by the company, held the position of team lead at the Arcadia store in the Westfield Santa Anita mall from September 2018 until September 4, 2020, when she was demoted to a sales associate and transferred, according to the suit.  

Prior to her demotion, Fowler, the only Black employee at the store, “experienced repeated and ongoing racial harassment and discrimination” by her supervisor, Araz Berberian, a co-defendant in the case, the suit states.  

When Black customers entered the store, Berberian called Fowler on her electronic device and told her follow them around the store “to ensure they weren't stealing,” according to the suit.  

Berberian often asked Fowler, “Do you think I'm racist if I think they're stealing?” and “Is it OK for me to say this about a Black person?” the suit states.  

Berberian told Fowler that he and other employees at the Forever 21 store where he previously worked often caught Black people taking items without paying for them, the suit states.  

Fowler regularly asked for a promotion to manager given that as a lead, she had the duties and responsibilities of one, but did not receive the same pay, the suit states. However, Fowler was twice passed up for a management position, the suit states In March 2020, Berberian told her she would be given a promotion to manager the next time there was an opening, but the job was given instead to a non-Black employee, according to the suit.  

Fowler complained to human resources in June 2020, saying she was unfairly denied a promotion, but Berberian confronted her the next day and said, “You know that whenever someone complains about me to HR, I know about it, right?”  

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Although the human resources manager told Fowler her complaints about Berberian would be investigated, in September 2020, Berberian told her she was being transferred to the Ontario store and demoted to a sales associate, the suit states.  

“In short, (Fowler) was subjected to a pattern and practice of racial harassment and discrimination and unlawful retaliation ...  which causedher to experience significant emotional distress and economic losses,” the suit states.

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