Michael Shellenberger On Care Court and Russian Oil

Author Michael Shellenberger joined John & Ken and provided another fascinating interview. Michael's recent observations on Newsom's "Care Court" idea and the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a must-listen.

As you might remember from our last interview with Michael, he gave us a first-hand account at how San Francisco has deteriorated. His book San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities is available at Amazon.

Michael is also an environmentalist who reports on cities and energy.

He also talked to us about his latest piece: "The West’s Green Delusions Empowered Putin".

Here is a taste:

But it was the West’s focus on healing the planet with “soft energy” renewables, and moving away from natural gas and nuclear, that allowed Putin to gain a stranglehold over Europe’s energy supply. 
As the West fell into a hypnotic trance about healing its relationship with nature, averting climate apocalypse and worshiping a teenager named Greta, Vladimir Putin made his moves.
While he expanded nuclear energy at home so Russia could export its precious oil and gas to Europe, Western governments spent their time and energy obsessing over “carbon footprints,” a term created by an advertising firm working for British Petroleum. They banned plastic straws because of a 9-year-old Canadian child’s science homework. They paid for hours of “climate anxiety” therapy

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