CA Hacks Refusing To Halt Stupid Gas Tax Hike

You gotta love the idiots who think CA Democrats represent the lower and middle class working stiffs. Truth is, they couldn't give a rat's ass about us.

These hacks refuse to postpone an impending gas tax set to take place in July because it funds "vital programs".

Nonsense. CA Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said this to the AP:

"We passed the gas tax for a very specific reason," Rendon said. "We need to make sure that our transit operations are running and running smoothly. We want to make sure that our roads are safe and all those types of things. We want to make sure that our construction workers, folks in the building trades, are working on those projects."

John and Ken talked to Alex Stone from ABC News as oil prices have been skyrocketing because Russia is the world’s second largest producer of oil.

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