The (Playboy) Bunnies Are Fighting...

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There is some Playboy drama brewing... and it is quite intriguing.

A few former Playboy bunnies are now speaking out against PJ Masten, a Hugh Hefner whistleblower and former Playboy bunny herself, spoke up about sexual abuse and misconduct she went through at the hands of Hugh Hefner, she detailed in a new A&E documentary called "Secrets of Playboy" - which premiered in January.

After Masten received several messages on Facebook from several ex-Playboy bunnies that disagreed with her comments about Hefner. She told the LA Times:

“You’re a piece of s- -t. You’re a liar. You’re a f – -king this and f- – king that,”

She continued by saying:

“It’s all from bunnies,”

Despite what she experienced as a Playboy bunny, Matson described that her time as a bunny was one of the best experiences of her life. She said:

“Being a bunny was the best experience of my life. It was a great sorority of sisters,”

She added:

“But the filth and language they’re attacking me with? I’m frightened of these vicious women.”

Not only was Matson a bunny, but she was also a "bunny mother" - a person who oversaw everything the bunnies were doing and also the clubs. Describing some of the women attacking her, she said:

“These are 85-year-old women running around with their bunny ears on, and I’m bursting their bubble,”

In the A&E documentary, Matson described how Hefner marketed his Playboy bunnies as "easy prey" for men looking to be sexually dominate over nonconsenting women.

“Hefner created an illusion, and that [Playboy Bunny] costume was very powerful,” she continued by saying: “The illusion was sex nymph. Sexual nymph sells.”

Matson was one of the women who accused Bill Cosby of drugging her and raping her in 1979.

Hefner's son Cooper Hefner took to Twitter to make a statement about the accusations and life of his father:

Bombshell after bombshell by Matson - only time will tell as to what statements are made next.

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