Ventura County Sheriff's Detectives Exposed to Unknown Substance in Reseda

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RESEDA (CNS) - Two Ventura County sheriff's detectives were treated at a hospital after being exposed to an unknown substance today while conducting an investigation at an apartment in Reseda.

Paramedics sent to the 19300 block of Sherman Way at 7:30 a.m. transported three people for hospital treatment, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department, which did not confirm the affiliation of any of the patients.

According to CBS2, the two detectives were exposed to the substance while serving a warrant in an apartment in connection with an investigation into a commercial burglary that had occurred in January

Sheriff's Capt. Denise Silva told the station that a detective inhaled a powdery substance, lost consciousness, and had to be carried out by her fellow detective.

Both detectives were taken to a hospital for evaluation and were reported to be in stable condition. A woman who was also in the apartment at the time was also treated and was expected to be OK as well, the station reported.

``We have that concern that, is it a narcotic that can render somebody unconscious like that?'' Silva said. ``So they're gonna test for that obviously, and try to determine what that substance is. Those are always in the back of our mind. We take precautions. But these incidents do occur, and it's scary.''

The two detectives were carrying kits that treat drug exposure, Silva noted. They were able to use those until LAFD paramedics arrived on scene.

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