Beware of "Huggy Wuggy" - A New Deceiving Social Media Trend


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There is a new social media trend that parents should be aware of -- introducing "Huggy Wuggy".

While the name may sound comforting to some, this character can be extremely disturbing to children who have no idea what videos they may be watching or games they may be playing.

"Huggy Wuggy" is the evil villain of a horror game called "Poppy Playtime" - a survival horror game that is set in an abandoned toy factory. The premise of the game is to solve puzzles while the character sings creepy songs and also while it tries to hunt players down.
Some of the lyrics to the song the character sings include:

"My teeth sharp and ready, in my grasp yeah they're deadly."
"I could hug you here forever, till you breathe your last breath together."

You may be asking yourself, "how are kids even being exposed to a character like this?" - well, schools are warning parents that some children are offering their classmates hugs while singing "Huggy Wuggy's" songs into their ears. Not only that, but children can also access some videos that include "Huggy Wuggy" imaging on a social media platform like Tik-Tok and Youtube.

A primary school principal named Justine Brown sent a letter to parents about the character and its deceiving nature. She said:

"It is a very deceiving character, as hugs should be seen as something kind and loving,"

It's important that parents are aware of the content that their children may be looking at or watching.

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