Krekorian Changes Burbank Boulevard Project To Avoid Street Widening

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Photo: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Councilman Paul Krekorian announced today that his office secured changes to a project on Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood that will avoid widening the street but keep significant traffic safety improvements.

The initial project plans included widening the boulevard between Lankershim Boulevard and Cleon Avenue in North Hollywood to increase the speed of traffic.

Funding was tied to the project's ``congestion relief,'' and Krekorian's office said it initially appeared that it would require the boulevard to be widened.

Krekorian's office -- which opposed the widening, noting that speeding already creates danger in the area -- worked with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, and the Department of Transportation to meet the funding requirements without widening the streets, according to Krekorian's office.

The project will now include adding left turn phasing signals, providing pedestrian-oriented safety features, such as curb extension, new crosswalks, enhanced lighting and flashing beacons. Information on the project's timeline was not immediately available.

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