How To Help The People of Ukraine

Protests In London Over Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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Ihor Koshyk is pastor of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Los Angeles and says people need to be careful before sending money to charities claiming to help Ukrainians. Koshyk says right now soldiers in Ukraine need help and, sadly, people will ultimately need medical supplies. He says his parish consistently sends money to Revived Soldiers Ukraine. Koshyk says the group of retired soldiers and volunteers use donations to buy supplies that are needed on the ground. He says it’s not a good idea right now to send items overseas.

Koshyk says it’s best to send donations to legitimate charities that have been vetted and/or are endorsed by reputable organizations and governments. He says his parents and family are still in Ukraine, and he fears for their safety. He also says he’s moved by the outpouring of support from Americans.

Click here to donate to Revived Soldiers Ukraine.

There are also other charities you can donate to help the people of Ukraine. NBC compiled a list of those charities vetted by Charity Navigator.

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