6 Tips to Overcome Negative Self-Talk and Self-Doubt

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When we don't feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. Over-coming negative self-talk is so important. It makes you feel good. Psychology Today has some amazing tips.

1) Write down the negative statements you say about yourself and challenge every single one. For every negative self-statement, disprove it with a counter-statement or list one or more events where the negative self-statement wasn't fulfilled.

2) Make a personal "greatest hits" list. Write down in chronological order or from most to least meaningful- all your accomplishments to date. From there generate fact-based affirmations.

3) Learn about others' mistakes. It's helpful to realize how not alone we are in massively messing something up. Everyone has at least one major oops! Talk about them with others. You may get some helpful tips on how folks who screwed up big time built up their resilience.

4) Seek help from someone you feel safe with. Sometimes negative thoughts let us see characteristics or behavioral patterns we may need to shift. If you feel you can't hack it yourself, seek a licensed mental healthcare professional who specializes in interpersonal challenges to strategize some self-improvement techniques that benefit both romantic and platonic relationships.

5) Do something that makes you feel better about yourself. Hold the door for someone. Compliment a friend or co-worker. Express gratitude to someone else. Often it's through helping others that we see our value reflected.

6) Spend more time with supportive others. Spending time with people who criticize you or reinforce negative self-beliefs isn't helpful. Spend times with friends, family, or colleagues who validate your perspective, respect your basic dignity, and encourage you to strive towards personal goals.

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