West Virginia Governor Invites Bette Midler To Kiss His Dog's 'Hiney'

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice's annual Sate of the State address took an unexpected turn this week -- one involving Bette Midler and the governor's pet bulldog to be exact.

Dog English Bull Dogs Portrait

Photo: Getty Images

Partway through his address, Justice brought out his pet, 'Babydog', then held her up butt-first while inviting Midler to "kiss her hiney".

Watch below!

But why was Justice calling out Midler?!

Well, the singer had recently called West Virginia "poor, illiterate and strung out" in a tweet aimed at Sen. Joe Manchin...

Midler responded with another tweet: "Judging from these ranking's I'd say his dog's a** would make a better governor than him!"

Check out the full story on The Business Insider.

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