Joe Exotic's Prison Sentence Reduced By One Year

Joe Exotic has succeeded in getting his prison sentence reduced -- but not as much as he was hoping for...

On Friday, a federal judge reduced the Tiger King star's sentence to 21 years, down from 22 years. The resentencing follows an appeals court decision from last July that Exotic -- real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage -- was improperly sentenced on two counts of murder-for-hire.

Wild Animal Sanctuary In Colorado Home To Almost 40 Tigers From Wildly Popular Documentary Of Joe Exotic "Tiger King"

Photo: Getty Images

"I think the judge was fair, and I believe 21 years to be, just for someone who was convicted of trying to hire at least two people to kill me," Carole Baskin told BuzzFeed News. "I believe the tigers he bred for life in prison, or worse, would be satisfied to know he will continue to spend his next many years in a cage."

Joe Exotic's attorneys asked the judge for leniency, claiming their client had been diagnosed with prostate cancer that leaves him susceptible to COVID-19.

Read the full report on NBC News.

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