McDonald’s Happy Meal Includes 8-Legged Surprise

One customer, a woman in England, was left shocked and horrified after biting into her chicken and bacon wrap. She bit down into “something hard” and realized it was a huge spider.

21-year-old Katie Moss is a care assistant from Winsford in west England. She placed her order through an app called Just Eat, a UK-based online food ordering company, back on January 19th. Her appetite, needless to say, went from one hundred to zero rather quickly when she realized what was inside her wrap.

“At first I thought it was the end of a tomato, so I pulled it out, and at first I thought it was just part of the chicken, but when I looked closer, I thought it was a crab,” she recalled. “…then I realized it was a spider,” Moss shared with The Mirror. “I spat the rest out, but I had bitten into it. I was disgusted. I felt like throwing up. It was all curled up.” *shivers*

Moss says it was a kind of spider she had never seen before and suspected that it wasn’t native to the United Kingdom. She said it left an odd taste in her mouth and has left her paranoid about eating anything else. The McDonald’s where she ordered her food from was immediately notified.

“Food safety is of the utmost importance to us,” McDonald’s shared in a statement. “We place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections, so we are sorry to hear of this customer’s experience. As soon as this was brought to the attention of the restaurant, the customer was apologized to and offered both a refund and a replacement meal. The customer has also returned the item in question which will enable us to investigate further.”

USA TODAY was unable to get in touch with McDonald’s regarding the incident for further comment.

The spider finding its way into Moss’s wrap couldn’t be explained by McDonald’s or Just Eat, said Moss. “A voucher isn’t much good to me. I want proper compensation.

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