Crisis at the Union Pacific Train Tracks in East LA

CBS LA did a great story about the disaster at the railroads in East Los Angeles.

The disaster at the Union Pacific train tracks has not only impacted Amazon and other large consumers but has affected families waiting for certain keepsakes to arrive.

Lupe Valdez, senior director of public affairs commented on this crisis at the train tracks saying:

“I have been with Union Pacific for 16 years, and I have never, ever seen this situation to this degree,”

While it is a common occurrence for train cars to be raided, it has increased daily. Approximately 90 train cars are raided daily here in Los Angeles. According to Valdez, from October 2020 to 2021 - train robberies have increased a whopping 356%... WOW!

“We are making arrests, but what our officers are seeing on the ground is that people are basically being arrested, there is no bail, they come out the next day and come back to rob our trains,”

Valdez said

Click here to view CBS LA's story!

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