`Brazen' Tops Netflix Movie Viewership; `Don't Look Back' Drops to Second

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HOLLYWOOD (CNS) - ``Brazen'' was the most-watched English-language film on Netflix, with ``Don't Look Up'' dropping to second after three consecutive first-place finishes, according to figures released today by the streaming service.  

Viewers spent 45.34 million hours watching the romantic thriller based on the novel by Nora Roberts in its first four days of release.  

``Don't Look Up'' was watched for 28.39 million hours between Jan. 10 and Sunday, 51.2% less than the 58.2 million hours the previous week. The comedy about an approaching comet that will destroy Earth was watched for 349.91 million hours in the first 24 days it has been available.  

Four other films were on the latest top 10 that were not on the previous week's.  

The 2019 animated comedy ``The Secret Life of Pets 2'' was fourth with 9.39 million hours watched. The science fiction thriller ``Tides'' was eighth with 8.47 million hours watched in the first six days it streamed on Netflix.  

``Riverdance: The Animated Adventure,'' inspired by the stage show, was ninth with 7.86 million hours watched the first three days it was on Netflix. The 2018 coming of age thriller, ``The Clovehitch Killer'' was 10th with 7 million hours watched.  

``The Unforgivable''  dropped out of the top 10 after five weeks, including two at No. 1, ``The Lost Daughter'' and ``Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,'' both dropped out after two weeks and the animated comedy ``Seal Team'' and the 2005 prison football comedy ``The Longest Yard'' after one week.  

``Red Notice'' tied for sixth with 8.71 million hours watched, increasing its total to a record 431.4 million hours in its 66 days of release.  

The limited series ``Stay Close'' rose one spot to first among English- language television programs in its second full week release, despite dropping 41.1% from 91.81 million hours to 53.72 million for its eight episodes.  

The fourth season of ``Cobra Kai'' fell to second after back-to-back first-place finishes with 41.24 million hours watched, 61.7% less than the 107.81 million hours watched of its 10 episodes the previous week, their first full week of release.  

Three series were in the latest top 10 that were not in the previous week's.  

The nine-episode second season of the cheerleading documentary ``Cheer'' was fifth with 29.08 million hours watched in its first five days of release.  

The horror series ``Archive 81'' was seventh with 22.22 million hours watched of its eight episodes in their first three days of release.  

The second season of the canceled NBC supernatural drama ``Manifest'' was in the top 10 for the first time since the week of July 5-11, placing ninth with 14.81 million hours watched of its 13 episodes.  

Dropping out of the top 10 were the first and second seasons of ``Cobra Kai'' and the sixth season of ``Queer Eye.''  

The 10 most-watched English-language movies on Netflix were ``Brazen''; ``Don't Look Up''; ``Mother/Android''; ``The Secret Life of Pets 2''; ``Just Go With It''; ``Red Notice''; ``Back to the Outback''; ``Tides''; ``Riverdance: The Animated Adventure''; and ``The Clovehitch Killer.''  ``Red Notice'' and ``Back to the Outback'' tied for sixth.  

The 10 most-watched English-language television programs on Netflix were the limited series ``Stay Close''; the fourth season of ``Cobra Kai''; the second season of ``The Witcher''; the second season of ``Emily in Paris''; the second season of ``Cheer''; the first season of ``Manifest''; the first season of ``Archive 81''; the first season of ``The Witcher''; the second season of ``Manifest''; and the third season of ``Cobra Kai.''

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