Dr. Sophia Yen Joins Dr. Wendy Walsh and Doesn't Hold Back

Dr. Sophia Yen is the CEO and Co-founder of Pandia Health.

How is Women's Reproductive Health a major political social issue? Why does being women-founded and women-led matter? Why is childcare in every workplace is as important as urinals? What is period leave and how do we get some?

Dr. Sophia Yen answers all these questions and then some, take a listen.

Anyone who has a uterus and is bleeding once a month, check out #PeriodsOptional: How to decrease cancer, improve productivity, and decrease landfill. You can find Dr. Yen’s TEDxBerkeley talk on the bottom of this page on the science and safety of #SkippingPeriods using medication.

Pandia Health is the ONLY #DoctorLed, #WomenFounded/Led birth control delivery company. For anyone you know on the birth control pill, Pandia Health provides FREE delivery, automatic refills, and annual reminders to see your prescriber. If you have a prescription and insurance to cover the meds, you pay Pandia Health nothing. They can deliver to all 50 states, and if you need a prescription and are in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming, you can use their birth control expert doctors for just $20 once a year.

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