Domino’s Reduces Wing Count Instead of Raising Price

With inflation being the highest it’s been in nearly thirty years, companies are having to make adjustments to stay afloat. Most are opting to increase their prices, but Dominos is tackling the challenge a little differently. Customers who love and order their wings will find that while the price of the wings is staying the same, fewer of them will come with an order.

Food and labor costs continue to climb, so to combat those costs, Dominos will now include 2 less wings in their $7.99 carry out offer, from 10 to 8. Additionally, wings will now be an online exclusive and will not be orderable over the phone going forward.

The company expects to deal with “unprecedented increases” in food prices, says CEO Richard Allison. The usual increase in cost of ingredients is around 3% - 4%. This year, those costs are increasing 8% - 10%.

Allison continued to explain the transition of wings to being an online exclusive, listing “several benefits.” The more frequently customers order online, the higher the average of their order total becomes. Additionally, there are cost-cutting benefits from a labor perspective because fewer employees are needed for answering phones.

While pizza sales have boomed during the pandemic, Dominos (DMPZF) hit a bit of a rocky patch in its most recent earnings report as some store sales fell for the first time since 2011.

For those of you who absolutely love Dominos wings, you still have a little time to take advantage of the 10 wings that come with each order, as Allison noted that the changes to their orders won’t take effect for a couple of weeks.

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