On Episode 108 of "Unsolved with Steve Gregory", Steve looks into the murder Mark Leonard.

On January 18th, 2008 – Mark Leonard was shot multiple times while standing in the parking lot of the car wash he owned, Leonard died on scene.

Approximately three hours prior to the murder, a frequent client of his, only known as “Happy” had engaged in a heated argument with Leonard. The argument almost escalated into fight, but was stopped by Leonard’s pregnant wife, Jacquelyne. After the argument, “Happy” left the car wash in a black Chevrolet Tahoe with two men.

Following the argument, Mark drove to the City of Long Beach to buy supplies for his business. It was said that during the time employees saw the same black Chevrolet Tahoe circle the business, but never stopped. Leonard returned approximately three hours later.

Leonard was finishing his errands as he was planning on seeing his son Kawhi play in his high school CIF Championship game. Kawhi would become an NBA Superstar, years following his father’s murder.

Shortly after Leonard returned to his business, the same black Chevrolet Tahoe returned and parked across the street. A second vehicle, a beige Cadillac Escalade, that “Happy” was known to own, parked in the same location, next to the Tahoe.

A few moments later, two masked men exited the Tahoe, spoke to the driver of the beige Cadillac, crossed Wilmington Avenue and murdered Mark Leonard.

Following the shooting, the two masked men returned to the Chevrolet Tahoe and both vehicles drove away.

During the investigation into Leonard’s murder, it was determined that Leonard was a long time drug dealer – regularly purchasing drugs from a network of male Hispanic’s that “Happy” was involved with. The investigation also noted the argument between Leonard and “Happy” was an attempt to mediate a dispute between another narcotics dealer and a refusal to pay that dealer’s debt.

Detectives say “Happy’ definitely had a motive to kill Leonard.

In 2008, “Happy” was never identified and the case went cold. In 2019, LA County Sheriff’s Detectives McCarthy and Tomlin re-opened the case.

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