The Top Jobs in The U.S. Have Been Announced.. The Results May Surprise You

The U.S. News' 100 Best Jobs 2022 list just revealed the best jobs in the United States... and the results are surprising.

If you are in the market to switch jobs or even career paths, this is the article for you.

Here are the top 3 jobs in the United States according to this list:

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#3: Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is one who can diagnose illnesses and can deliver treatment plans to patients, similar to a doctor of internal medicine.

Admission into a physician assistant class is hard to come by as it is extremely competitive, but if you have a passion for this - you could find a way to make this happen.
A master's degree is required and more than 2,000 hours of clinical education is also required.

Jennifer M. Orozco, the president and chairman of the board of the American Academy of PA's, commented on what the coursework for this profession is like:

“It is hard and fast and intense and some of the most rigorous coursework that is out there,”

As mentioned this profession is extremely sought after and is extremely competitive.

According to the list, the median salary is approximately $115,390 a year.

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#2: Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners usually perform exams, help with treatment, and are able to prescribe medication to patients.
They deliver a vast number of primary care. People in this profession can also specialize in different areas like orthopedics and pulmonology, amongst other areas.

When you get into this profession, you start as a registered nurse. By the time you are able to become a registered nurse, you will have a bachelor's in science degree in nursing as well as a registered nurse license. Usually, nurse practitioners spend 10 years as an RN prior to going to graduate school to become an NP.

April Kapu, president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners spoke about what NP's do:

“NPs increase health equity, expand access to care for patients and address longstanding social determinants of health,”

According to the list, the median salary is approximately $111,680 a year.

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#1: Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst is responsible for operating information technology systems and maintaining security for these companies. They play a crucial role as they help protect organizations from potential data leaks, cyberattacks, and breaches.

To get into this profession, you would need a bachelor's degree in information technology or a related computer science major. Though, some employers would prefer a master's degree.

If you have the right skill set and are qualified, it is easy to get a job in this profession.

Mustaque Ahamad, professor at Georgia Institute of Technology discussed this profession:

“Wherever there is IT, you are going to need IT security,”

According to the list, the median salary is approximately $103,590 a year.

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