Google Maps Spots Terrifying, Blood-Soaked Clown Holding a Knife

If you happen to be browsing Google Maps in the Montreal, Canada area, you might encounter a Pennywise-like clown holding a knife and standing in a door frame.

The clown is blood-spattered and is peering out of a door frame that holds entrance to a basement flat.

In a perfectly timed moment, a prankster was able to have the ‘horrific scene’ captured just in time for the Google Maps camera van driving by.

It would appear that the moment was planned, but it’s up for deliberation as to whether the stunt was, indeed, performative or it was merely a coincidence that the van was driving by moments before the homeowner’s Halloween party was about to begin.

Other pranks have been caught on camera by the Google Maps van, one of which was a murder scene in Leith, Scotland back in 2014.

The police were alerted to the location, and after investigation, found the man responsible at a mechanics’ car repair shop on the same street. Ultimately it was deduced that the scene was a prank pulled by the workers as they saw the Google Maps camera car approaching

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