LAFD's Response Time Rises Amid Firefighter Shortage

Just a few weeks ago, 24 Los Angeles firefighters were in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19...

Today, that number has jumped to 299.

LA Firefighters Inoculated With Covid-19 Vaccine

Photo: Getty Images

The number of absent workers, which LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas says is “the highest we’ve seen at any one time,” has made an impact on the department’s ability to protect the city’s residents, he adds.

“When you call for help from the LAFD, we will respond,” Terrazas said. “However, our response time has been impacted by our lack of staffing.”

According to the chief, the average response for a critical life support call has increased by 13 seconds, while the response for structure fire calls has increased by six seconds.

Read more on CBS Los Angeles.

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