Lawmakers, Staffers Remember Jan. 6 Insurrection

January 6 will now be remembered as the day rioters stormed the Capitol... And many are reflecting on that infamous day, now one year later.

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Photo: Getty Images

Rep. Fredrica Wilson of Florida said she had left before the real trouble happened: “I was minutes away from being beaten or killed by a domestic terrorist. I can still see their eyes and the hateful way they looked at me.”

“From my office, I could see much of the events unfold on the Capitol grounds, as well as watch on TV like all other Americans," remembered Rep. Tom Reed of New York. "I very vividly remember watching it with tears in my eyes. It was the darkest day of my congressional career and one of the saddest as an American citizen.”

“Videos don't do it justice," said Katie Grant Drew, the former communications manager for House Majority leader Steny Hoyer. "It was loud, it was angry, and it never stopped. It was difficult to tell exactly where they were, because the noise echoed off the marble and stone building all around us."

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