Supervisor Barger Tests Positive For COVID-19

Positive Cassette rapid test for COVID-19, Test Result by Using Rapid Test Device for COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.

Photo: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger tweeted that she tested positive for COVID-19 today.

"Feels like a cold, but each person's experience is different,'' Barger tweeted. ``Time to walk the talk -- I'm isolating, getting rest and keeping my loved ones at a distance. #StayHome #GetVaccinated #FlattenTheCurve''

Barger told FOX 11 she started to experience some of the virus' symptoms during New Year's Eve. She said like many Los Angeles County residents she struggled to find testing in the area but said out of ``pure luck" was able to get tested Sunday, leading to the COVID-19 diagnosis.

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