State Sen. Scott Wilk Tests Positive for COVID

Positive test result by using rapid test device for COVID-19

Photo: Getty Images

SANTA CLARITA (CNS) - Sen. Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, announced today he tested positive for COVID-19, delaying his return to Sacramento.

``On Sunday, prior to returning to Sacramento for the new legislative session, I tested positive for COVID-19,'' the 62-year-old Senate minority leader said in a statement. ``Thankfully, I am asymptomatic and feel completely fine, but will follow the recommendations of the California Department of Public Health and remain home.

``I am fully vaccinated and ironically planned to get my booster this week,'' he said. ``If you are considering vaccination, I urge you to take that precaution.''

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles, announced Monday he was also delaying his return to Sacramento because his two young children have tested positive for the virus.

``Today is the first day of the legislative session this year and I look forward to rejoining my colleagues in Sacramento once it is safe for me to do so,'' Santiago said in a statement. ``The vaccines work and further evidence of this is that our children who have had their two Pfizer shots -- my wife and I have been boosted -- are experiencing mild symptoms. Each shot administered helps to keep our loved ones safe and aids our essential medical workers who are working tirelessly to protect us from COVID-19. I urge all Californians to go to so they can get vaccinated.''

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