“Commander” Is the Latest Addition to the Biden Family

President Biden and his family have welcomed a new addition to the ranks. His name is Commander, and he was a gift to the President from his family.

Commander was spotted running around and playing on the South Lawn of the White House on Monday and looks to be a German Shepherd or a similar breed.

Michael LaRosa, First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary, confirmed the news of a new family puppy. “Yes. There is (a puppy),” said LaRosa.

Champ, the family’s beloved German Shepherd, passed away in June at the age of 13. Their other German Shepherd, Major, has been spending most of his time in Wilmington, Delaware, after several aggressive incidents involving staff at the White House. Back in March, he bit a member of the Secret Service and a National Park Service worker.

Following the incidents, the White House announced in April that Major would be headed off to Wilmington for extensive training in hopes to assist with adjusting to life in the White House. A dog fence was built around the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden on the Southeast side of the White House, although sightings of Major have been slim since the move.

The Bidens intend to add a cat to their family at some point, as First Lady Jill Biden said in an interview that a female cat is “waiting in the wings.” Two people familiar with the rumblings and have been following closely have told CNN that a cat is being fostered with acquaintances until they feel the time would be right to make the transfer to the White House, but that date has yet to be set. “It is expected to be in the very near future.”

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