California is Seeing a Rise in COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Covid-19 Testing Facilities At Schiphol Airport

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California is seeing a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations… and the new omicron variant may be to blame. 

Since last reported there were over 3,600 COVID-19 related hospitalizations across California, which is an approximate 12% increase from weeks prior. Los Angeles County has been greatly impacted as there was a 31% increase in hospitalizations while there has been a 26% increase in the last few weeks, according to the LA Times hospitalization tracker. 

As of last Wednesday, Los Angeles reported 49 omicron cases. It is worth noting that the delta variant remains the dominant variant in California. Health officials are expecting case rates to increase following the holiday season. 

Omicron is more contagious and is more likely to evade immunity created by vaccines or antibodies from prior infection.Vaccines can still offer sufficient protection against these variants, but not as much as previously thought.

The majority of omicron cases in California have been reported in Los Angeles County – with 38 cases. On Saturday, L.A. County reported 3,730 new cases of COVID-19, which is the highest single day total in a few months.

The increase of COVID-19 cases has forced the postponement of several professional sporting events. The Los Angeles Rams were slated to play against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but the game was postponed until tomorrow. The Anaheim Ducks were also supposed to take on the Calgary Flames on Tuesday, but it was announced the game would be postponed to another date. The NHL has yet to reschedule that game. 

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