Vagrant RV Fire Near School Horrifies Parents

Another vagrant RV caught fire near a school in the Playa Vista area just after a dead body was found.

NBC4's John Cadiz-Klemack's disturbing story shows why Mike Bonin must be recalled.

Residents want solutions while Bonin remains silent and inept.

From NBC4:

"And just kind of shocked and took it as a learning moment, took the time to pray and make sure there was no one in there," Paula Gerez of the neighborhood council said. "It just can’t go on.”
Gerez heads up a nearby neighborhood council. She spotted the smoke Monday and came to see what was going on. It turned out the burning RV was in the same location a week before when a body was discovered on the sidewalk.
"Since when did the rights of the unhoused supercede our children’s rights, the law-abiding citizens rights?” parent Jeremy Dicker said.
Some parents want the new city code that forbids encampments within 500 feet of school enforced. But they say their councilman Mike Bonin won’t support them.
"It just continues to fall on deaf ears," Gerez said.

Paula Gerez talked to John & Ken about the fire. Paula is really sympathetic to the vagrants which is understandable. But clearly, this situation is getting worse.

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