Beauty 2 the Streetz's and CNN Hero of the Year Shirley Raines!

Shirley Raines, the founder of Beauty 2 the Streetz has not only been a hero to those experiencing homelessness on Skid Row, she is now an officially recognized one!

Shirley was awarded the 2021 CNN Hero of the Year award this week!

Shirley has spent the last six years providing food, clothing and beauty products and services to the people living there.

Her and her volunteers work diligently every week to help them feel human.

"It's not so much just giving them makeup or doing their hair, it's also the physical touch," Raines said. "People need physical touch. That's what was hard when the pandemic hit. We had to stop doing hair, we had to stop doing barber services. And that might be the nicest touch they've had all day."

Along with her award, Shirley will receive $100,000 to expand her work as well as a $10,000 cash award.

We've been fortunate enough to talk to Shirley on the show before to hear her story and share her work and we're excited to host her again!

Listen below to her latest interview with Jen and don't forget to follow Beauty 2 the Streetz on social media!

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