#NNNYNTK -Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

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Photo: Getty Images

Here are the stories that slipped through the cracks this week:

Honorable mention: Couple are arrested for having sex in public on a beach in Brazil.

  • 9: A 29-year-old woman shows up to her Tinder dates house to find it surrounded by cops
  • 8: World’s largest pot brownie, that weighs 850 pounds, is now for sale
  • 7: An upscale erotic event’s organizer called ‘Killing Kittens’ host orgy parties in NYC’s meat packing district
  • 6: A Florida woman is arrested for breaking a sink after having sex in a bar bathroom
  • 5: A Tik Tok user comes home to find people living in her apartment
  • 4: Woman in Missouri faces jail time after posing as her daughter in order to attend college and date younger guys
  • 3: Bear in Monrovia is caught on camera attacking an inflatable reindeer
  • 2: Hairdresser in Kentucky goes viral after her guinea pig chews off her bangs while she slept
  • 1: Otters attack a man in a Singapore park

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