LA Council Introduces Motion to Improve Residential Energy Efficiency

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Four Los Angeles City Council members today introduced a motion aimed at updating the city's program for inspecting residential buildings' conditions to include recommendations on voluntary water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The motion was introduced Wednesday during the City Council's last meeting of 2021 by Council President Nury Martinez, Councilwoman Nithya Raman and Councilmen Mitch O'Farrell and Paul Krekorian.

The city's Systemic Code Enforcement Program, which was created in 1998, inspects about 180,000 units per year to prevent dangerous, substandard, unsanitary or deficient buildings and units. The council members hope to improve energy efficiency within the program.

``The city of Los Angeles is already leading the nation with our work plan to achieve 100% carbon-free energy by 2035,'' said O'Farrell, who also chairs the Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice and Los Angeles River Committee.

``It is imperative that we use every tool and innovation available to make buildings greener and more efficient. Not only is this urgent and necessary from an environmental perspective, this makes economic sense and will benefit tenants across Los Angeles with reduced operating and utility costs.''

If passed by the City Council, the motion instructs the Los Angeles Housing Department to report back to council members on opportunities to identify voluntary water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy recommendations in the program as an added service to building owners and tenants.

The report would also include strategies to share information about common measures and opportunities to partner with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to reduce the cost.

``The city of Los Angeles is already leading by advancing transformations in the energy and transportation sectors, but over 40% of the city's greenhouse gas emissions are related to buildings,'' said Krekorian.

``By reimagining our built environment and integrating efficiency and sustainability requirements, we have a tremendous opportunity to make a dramatic improvement in our environment, while protecting residents and producing a pipeline for good, sustainable, local jobs.''

Photo: Getty Images

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