It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without Herbs and Spices…and KFC

For many, Christmas doesn’t come without a yule log burning in the fireplace. Well, KFC is bringing back their widely popular Herbs and Spices Firelog, which was originally created in partnership with Enviro-log. When burned, the log smells like KFC’s famous fried chicken. It is still exclusively sold through Walmart’s website according to a press release from KFC obtained by FOX Business. Did we mention this year’s log has an “enhanced extra crispy scent”?

As if the added scent wasn’t enough, KFC has upped their game. For the first time, the Crispy Chicken Champion has announced a special contest – a “once-in-a-lifetime KFC-themed vacation.”

For those who purchase the Herbs and Spices Firelog, a special entry will be available via QR code to win a chance at staying in the cabin on a 200-acre lot protected by a nature reserve in Kentucky. The cabin itself is 7,000 square feet, has three stories and can hold up to eight people. Additionally, there are four bedrooms, a theater room with a bar, outdoor kitchen, a pool and a hot tub! The vacation is for three days and two nights.

As if it couldn’t get any more appealing, the cabin has also been decorated with KFC-themed items.

There is also an outdoor firepit which, to no one’s surprise, will come filled with Herbs and Spices Firelogs. Included in the vacation experience will be a dinner that features popular KFC menu items prepared by KFC’s head chef, Chris Scott.

Get your fill this Holiday season with an Herbs and Spices Firelog and you just might find yourself living the KFC dream for a weekend

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