Donations Pour in to Help Pearl Harbor Survivor Attend Anniversary Ceremony

A 101-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor was able to attend an 80th memorial service in remembrance of the tragedy this week after his daughter was able to crowdfund enough money to send him to Hawaii.

Kimberlee Heinrichs says she started a GoFundMe page because she couldn't afford to send her father, Ike Schab, to the ceremony on her own.

Schab was on a docked ship during the 1941 attack. "I remember being at the bow of our ship and a big high tower of flame and debris came off of [the Arizona]."

In less than a week, she more than surpassed her initial $5,000 goal

Heinrichs said she still can't believe complete strangers would make this possible. "People did something kind when that seems in short supply."

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