How Can You Tell When Someone is Lying?

Seismograph for earthquake detection or lie detector is drawing chart. 3D rendered illustration.

Photo: Getty Images

We hate being lied to. It is close to impossible to give a lie detector test every time you feel as though you are being lied to. You can be the lie detector test. Here is how you can tell people are lying.

1. Vocal Uncertainty – Does their voice sound unsure?

2. Body Language: Hiding hands, nervous tap of the foot grooming behaviors, hair & jewelry playing

3. Changing the subject

4. Repeating the question before answering (giving them time to think of a lie)

5. Defensiveness - attacking you for bringing it up

6. Being vague or providing way too much detail (He doth protest too much)

5. Sweating

6. Slow breathing

Here are some other ways

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