#NNNYNTK -Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

fried chicken Nuggets flying in mid air view from above

Photo: Getty Images

Every Friday we bring you stories that have slipped though the cracks and we call them the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know. Here are the stories we found:

Honorable Mention: CVS stores ban greeting cards with pictures of great apes.

  • 9: A women faints, vomits and gets pooped on at her wedding
  • 8: A pregnant woman saves a man from a house fire
  • 7: Library book is returned after 110 years
  • 6: California town is tired of a peacock infestation
  • 5: A new app lets listeners experience sexual meditation
  • 4: A Playboy model is kicked out of a mall in Miami for wearing a risqué Nutcracker costume
  • 3: Dancing Toy Cactus in Poland, raps about cocaine
  • 2: An Egyptian ‘Toyboy’ defends his marriage with his 82-year-old wife
  • 1: Women in Thailand flock to a park that feature penis statues

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