Housing First Program Doomed To Fail Because Of Sobriety & Work Requirement

Michele Steeb the co-author of "Answers Behind the Red Door: Battling the Homeless Epidemic" and a senior fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation put out a piece in The Hill about how the Housing First homelessness experiment does not work.

From The Hill:

This seemingly benign proposal provides “no requirements” housing vouchers to “help” select populations, including those who have experienced domestic violence and those transitioning from incarceration. While this may sound good, this proposed program is based on a larger failed policy that has proven to be detrimental for the vulnerable American citizens it was intended to help......
The Housing First experiment proves the “give victims everything and demand nothing” mentality is an ill wind that hurts substantially more than it helps.  
All human beings are endowed with unique and significant human potential. Policy must focus on unleashing their talents, not keeping them in a state of dependence. We urge members to reject this $24 billion housing voucher program and remember that when able-bodied men and women are not required to actively participate in the society that is putting a roof over their heads, they forfeit their personal freedom and risk our collective freedom as well. 

Michele talked to John & Ken today about how wildly throwing money at the homeless problem simply does not work without sobriety and work requirements.

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