#NNNYNTK -Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

fried chicken Nuggets flying in mid air view from above

Photo: Getty Images

Here are the stories that slipped through the cracks this week:

Honorable Mention: A woman is hit with felony charges for throwing chicken at a KFC employee for cooking her food wrong

  • 9: A woman has used multiple surrogates in order to have 21 children
  • 8: Sugar mama pays her man $15,000 a month to do ‘whatever she wants’
  • 7: A hoarder’s house is now on the market
  • 6: Holland and Barrett stuns shoppers by selling veggie-shaped sex toys
  • 5: Penis plant sprouts after 25 years
  • 4: Mum in UK details her sexy swinger parties
  • 3: Teen finds a 100-year-old secret love note
  • 2: Couple is suing a hotel after a window washer watches them have sex
  • 1: A wife makes ‘utter butter’ for her husband

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