German Man on Trial for Performing Castrations on his Kitchen Table

An electrician in Germany has been charged with castrating men...

on his kitchen table...

leaving one of them dead, and several others permanently mutilated...

The unidentified 66-year-old, whose trial began Thursday, claims he performed all of the procedures at the request of his "patients." Although he told the men who underwent the at-home operation he was a trained professional, prosecutors say the suspect has had zero medical training.

The defendant, who advertised his services on sado-masochistic websites, has admitted to castrating or partially castrating the genitals of eight men between July 2018 and March 2020, prosecutors say... However, he claims the death, which happened several days after the castration, was NOT his fault!

According to authorities, the victim's body was found in a box three weeks after he died.

Read more on The Guardian.

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