Boaters Rescue Dog That Fell Overboard

Imagine you are on a nice boating outing with your family and beloved dog, but you hit a wave and your pup goes flying into the ocean... This is what happened to a family in Florida, their beloved dog Zuko jumped overboard when no one was looking and got lost at sea.

Thankfully for this family, a group of boaters spotted the pup paddling in the middle of the ocean with no one around and quickly sprung into action saving Zuko and eventually returning him back to his family.

When the friends spotted the dog in the middle of the ocean, one of them quickly dove into the ocean and pulled him onto their boat. Practically saving Zuko's life. The boaters checked his collar and got in-touch with his owners, who had been searching for the pup since they realized he was missing.

Zuko's owner told ABC:

"They saved my little puppy and saved me and my family,"

According to a veterinarian, Zuko is doing fine.

"This day was an incredible reminder to keep persevering even throughout difficult circumstances," ... "It also reminded us to keep an eye out for those around us and lend a helping hand when others are in need."

Said the rescuers of Zuko

Zuko's family are now prepared, just in case Zuko decides to jump into the ocean again, his family now have bought Zuko his own lifejacket.

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