Wendy's Announces New "Hot and Crispy Fry Guarantee"

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If you love french fries, but hate when they become soggy and cold... Wendy's just announced something that may seem appealing to fix that issue!

The fast-food chain just announced that they have a new recipe for their french fries, a recipe the company is very happy with.
Wendy's announced in a press release that they will replace any order of fries if they are not "hot and crispy". The company is calling this the "Hot and Crispy Fry Guarantee".

John Li, the Vice President of Culinary Innovation for Wendy's, discussed finding the right recipe. He stated:

"At Wendy's, we are always looking for new ways to innovate our menu where we see the competition lacking. As a fry fanatic, it's not okay for fries to be just okay – so I set out with our culinary team on the pursuit of the perfect fry that would disrupt the category. We are so proud of where we landed with Wendy's new Hot & Crispy Fries, delivering a hot, crispy, salty crunch with every bite."

Wendy's tested out 20 different cuts of fries to ensure they have good heat protection; these fries were not only designed to taste good but also stay crispy.

Carl Loredo, Wendy's U.S. Chief Marketing Officer discussed the new fries and recipe:

"The Hot & Crispy Guarantee is Wendy's way of doubling down on fries, our most important side offering," ... "We know customers deserve better than the cold, soggy fries they've been receiving at competitors. That's why we're committed to delivering hot and crispy fries with every single order – if your fries aren't hot and crispy when you receive them, we'll replace them, no questions asked. This guarantee is an expression of the trust we've built with our customers, assuring a high-quality, craveable experience every time." 

Will you be trying the new fries at Wendy's?

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