Trucking Industry Sees Spike In Interested Students

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A big issue contributing to the supply chain crisis is the shortage of truck drivers. Many people have seen this shortage of truck drivers as a potential opportunity as there has been a spike in interested students for trucking schools.

The GSF Truck Training School in Sylmar, CA has seen a 20% increase in enrollment compared to 2019.

Brian Smith was looking for a new job and took notice that there was a lot of work in the trucking industry. Next thing he did was get trained to obtain his trucking license. He spoke to CBS LA:

"The reason I’m getting into trucking is because I’m looking into moving out of state. So, I wanted more job opportunities and more jobs available to me in another state,”

Brian went to Commercial Trucking School in Santa Clarita - they require 40-hours behind-the-wheel training. Owner of Commercial Trucking School, Isabel Charleston, told CBS LA :

“We have 14 companies calling us for our recent graduates. One of those companies is UPS,”... “I asked them one of them why us and they said, ‘We have some of your students and they’re great.'”

Gil Banks, an instructor at the Commercial Trucking School, also commented on the influx of opportunity in the trucking industry:

“Now we’re really behind and it’s an industry where we just can’t get enough. We’re also getting a lot of women who are coming and signing up with the industry,”

Drivers can make at least $80,000 annually, while owners and operators can make up to $120,000-$180,000 yearly. Not too shabby!!!

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