Photo: Carole Lynne Dance Studio (Used with permission)

It's been a long tough 18 months for everyone, especially small businesses. So we like to take a moment each week to find a local small business to bring to your attention.

This week we're featuring Carole Lynne Dance Studio in Rialto.

In 1963 Carole Lynne opened this dance studio in Rialto and ran it for 57 years. In May 2020 during the pandemic, Amy Crumb took over the business, she started at the studio when she was just 3 years old! The studio was closed for more than a year because of covid regulations, now they're open and raring to go, accepting students ages 3 and up in all genres of dance including Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary / Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Polynesian, Ballet Folklorico, and tumbling.

They also have a GoFundMe campaign called 'Give the Gift of Dance' to help raise funds for students who were affected by the pandemic and have not been able to return because of economic issues. They're shooting for a goal of $4000, which would help 100 students in the community receive free dance lessons,

And while dancing is the main focus, of course, they like to encourage reading, so they also have started a mini library where families can borrow books for the week to encourage their kids to read more.

On October 23, 2021 they will hold their 58th annual recital at Fontana High School, which will honor Carole Lynne and celebrate her retirement. (covid pending)

Find out more and contact them through their website.

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