Socially Distanced Indoor Character Meets Coming to Disney’s Theme Parks

The opportunity to meet your favorite Disney character and have your photo taken with them returns to Disney’s theme parks but expect some distance – hugs and autographs won’t be allowed just yet.

The company made the announcement yesterday that they’ll be relaunching indoor visits with their laundry list of character favorites after their hiatus due to the pandemic. It should be noted that characters have been present in the parks since they reopened, but they have been outdoors, and guests have only been able to take their photos from a distance.

“Although the environment is not right just yet for hugs and autographs, you’ll soon be able to have individualized time with some of your favorite characters, getting to visit with them in a themed location and snap a photo or two,” said Disney in a statement.

The change will take effect first in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort, featuring Minnie, Mickey Mouse and various princesses in their respective environments.

As with all changes, some Disney fans took to Twitter to voice their disdain for the continued changes to the ‘normal’ Disney experience. “I want to take a selfie with Mickey several feet away from me, while I’m wearing a mask. Said no one ever,” wrote one user.

What’s most important to note here is that with the slow return of attractions and experiences at Disney theme parks worldwide, jobs are returning to those that have been without them since the shutdown. Today, the Disney World Resort division employs more than 65,000 people.

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