Spice Maker McCormick says Supply Chain Issues Are Keeping Costs High

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Mix

Photo: Getty Images

Love pumpkin spice and everything nice? Well, you’re not alone. The CEO of McCormick says there is an “incredible” demand for its products right now and supply chain complications are making it quite challenging to respond to that demand.

CEO Lawrence Kurzius says:

“Across our business right now, the supply chain is really our limiting factor. Demand is extraordinarily high for all of our products both on the consumer side ... but also for our flavor solutions and flavor systems business. Transportation and logistics issues, just getting the product from point A to point B, is our single limiting factor.”

McCormick makes more than just the popular little spice jars. It also makes French’s mustard, Old Bay Seasoning, and several different hot sauces.

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