Parents Of Murdered Daughter Need Your Help To Keep Killer In Prison

John & Ken talked to the parents of Emily Shane, a teenager murdered by a suicidal driver on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on April 3rd, 2010.

The Shane family needs your help to keep their daughter's murderer in prison thanks to George Gason's policies.

Listen to John & Ken talk to Emily Shane's parents about how you can help keep this murderer locked up.

Dear Friends,
The man who murdered Emily is coming up for parole. He has served 11years. He was sentenced to
15 years to life, so this is 3 years prior to his minimum sentence. He was utterly remorseless, as those of you who 
attended the trials can attest. Due to the current protocols of the new DA here in California, we have
a poor chance of this man remaining where he belongs. 
The Parole Board must consider all emails sent to present a case as to why the man who killed our
daughter should remain in jail. There is a strict protocol to submit an email so it will be considered:
Your statement must identify the inmate’s name : Sina Khankhanian
The inmate’s CDCR number must be provided:  Inmate AL8228
The date of the hearing must be provided:      Parole Hearing November 2, 2021
Your email must be sent and received by October 15th to be considered!
We are asking you to please send an email to the following address:
Please note: The parole board will want to know very specifically WHY this person should not be released. 
They consider the gravity of the offense, and whether the inmate would impact public safety.
Our family will have representation and can make statements to the parole board commission on November
2nd. I personally will highlight the fact that this man could not control his anger/rage, that he drove for 17 miles
so recklessly that there were numerous calls to 911, including one where the caller literally said “This is 
going to end badly.” More so, he was utterly remorseless, never once expressed sorrow to our family or
regret, said “I don’t give a f_ _ _” when told he killed Emily, a young, sweet and innocent child. He did not
care at all about our loss, and all who were impacted; his conversations from prison reflected how anxious
he was to be cleared due to his family hiring an expensive criminal defense attorney, and his plans once
released. He never once expressed anything about Emily, what he had done, etc.
My speech to the board will explain why someone like this should not have early release. What happens if he’s
angry or upset again? What will he do this time? Kill more people? Will he be driving the streets? Would you want
this person as your neighbor, living in your community? A remorseless murderer? The court’s sentencing 
should be respected and implemented. There are no sound grounds to let this man free.
Please feel free to share your reasons as to why Emily’s murderer should not yet receive his freedom, and continue 
to serve at least the minimum sentence of 15 years, and ideally longer. His sentence is a minimum of 15 years - it
could be as much as life. This is way too soon.
I’d appreciate it if you would bcc me on your emails if you feel comfortable doing so.
Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, and please feel free to forward/share this email with anyone
you think would want to submit an email to the parole board.
Thank you for your support,
Ellen and Michel Shane

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