Squirrel Hides 175 Pounds of Nuts in Man's Chevy Pickup

A North Dakota man who recently returned from a four-day trip found his Chevy Avalanche had been broken into. However, instead of taking anything, the burglar left something behind: More than 175 pounds of black walnuts.

  • Fargo resident Bill Fischer says a squirrel stashed the walnuts under the hood of his pickup, stowing them between engine parts, hoses and spark plugs. It took him more than seven hours to remove most of the nuts, which filled seven five-gallon buckets, Fischer says. "Some of the nuts I am unable to retrieve," he says. "They are hidden inside the frame."
  • Although it wasn't the first time a squirrel used Fischer's truck as a hiding place, he says, "This year was a record."
  • Has a wild animal ever taken over something you owned?

That's nuts!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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