Fewer Toys, Higher Prices Loom For Holiday Season

Toy-makers are warning of emptier shelves and pricier toys this holiday season.

  • The reason? Their supplies are ensnarled in an unprecedented shipping crisis.
  • Most American toys come from China, and usually, that trip lasts about a month.
  • Now, according to NPR, it's taking two, three, even four months.
A "perfect storm" describes the turmoil in the supply chain.
  • The U.S. trade war with China was quickly followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, while prompted closures of factories and ports worldwide.
  • Then came bad weather and that giant vessel blocking the Suez Canal.

Now, electricity issues are causing new shutdowns in China.

  • Toy prices have already started climbing at least 15% to 20% in many cases.
  • How early do you normally start buying presents for the holidays? Are you nervous about getting the "hot toys" this year?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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