A Turkish Man Reported Missing, Joins Own Search-Party, Finds Himself

Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday, a Turkish man named, Beyhan Mutlu, who lives in Inegol, Turkey, was reported missing after not returning home after going drinking with his friends.

His family alerted authorities about Mutlu not returning home and how they were worried about the man's wellbeing. According to authorities, the man was not returning phone calls and wandered into a forest and could not be located by his friends.

Authorities stepped in and put together a search party in search of the man. Mr. Mutlu ended up meeting authorities in the forest and joined the search party - keep in mind, authorities did not know this was the man they were searching for and Mutlu did not know the search party was for him.

Authorities had been searching the forest for hours looking for the man.

According to reports, Mutlu realized authorities were searching for him after they began yelling his name.

After authorities realized this was indeed the man they had been searching for, for hours - they took a statement from the man and returned him to his family.

Weird story.

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