Frustration Brewing Over Backlog of Cargo Ships at Port of LA

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Over the past few weeks, frustration has been brewing over the number of cargo ships that are currently backlogged at the Port of LA. Currently, there is an estimated 500,000 containers sitting on cargo ships.

Many are wondering why nothing is being done about the backlogging of these cargo ships. Many truck drivers are angry at how long it is taking to get cargo off the ships. Truck Driver, Walter Martinez, told CBS LA:

“I’ve got friends right now that are in line… from nine o’clock in the morning and they can’t pull the load yet,”

He continued,

“The people inside, they get paid by the hour, but not the drivers.”

Many are trying to figure out how to speed up the process at the Port of LA and Port of Long Beach - many are questioning the current infrastructure, some question the docks not being able to keep up with demand, while others are blaming importers that are importing way too much without having nowhere to store loads of stuff. There is a lot of pointing figures.

Frustrated driver, Oscar Ovalle, would also comment to CBS LA about the frustration, he along is many other drivers are experiencing on a daily basis:

“Last night I was there from eight o’clock to three in the morning. They kicked me out because they leave at three o’clock,” ... “There’s one crane for 60 trucks and it’s ridiculous! They have two other cranes sitting.”

Executive Director of the Port of LA responded to the backlash the Port is facing:

“Over the last 10 years, the federal government and Congress have out-invested West Coast ports at a rate 11 to one. That’s got to change, and with an infrastructure bill pending vote in Congress this week, we need all eyes on Los Angeles,” ...“This is what 10 years of under-investment looks like, and we need to move forward.”

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